5eTop Coinflip Rules

Hash value algorithm description:  

    The original value of Hash encryption on our website is "Random:Key". For example, when a user starts the game, the system randomly generates a winning ticket percentage value of 44.7250851150388%, and a random key value of VVNWH0wOk6, then MD5 encrypt the value of “44.7250851150388%:VVNWH0wOk6”. The result is: 77E06EE5E62C8357531B2CE6398840B2. Before the end of the game, the system only displays the hash value with * like 77E06EE5E62C8357531B2C**398840B2. After the game is over, the system will show the Random value and Key value. You can verify on the third-party website whether we have changed the winning percentage value.

    Total Ticket = Total Value * 100.

    T coin's ticket is from 1 to "T coin item's value * 100", CT coin's ticket is from "T coin item's value * 100 + 1" to "total ticket".

    Winner Ticket = Total Ticket * Random Value, and rounded up. For example, with a total of 1000 tickets and a random value of 44.7250851150388%, the winning ticket is 447.250851150388, and the rounded value is 448, so the Winner Ticket = 448.

    You can search any third-party MD5 online encryption website for verification. For example: https://www.md5online.org